Professional Services

Offering management, maintenance, documentation, compliance, and tenant support services.

Property Compliance

Working with owners and tenants to maintain compliance with local regulations.

Association Financials

We can oversee association financials, providing impartial oversight of fees and expenditures.

Tenant Qualification

Handling all tenant qualification and background vetting, including in-person and online interviews.

About Us

We are a property management company dedicated to the management of condominium, town home, and homeowner associations.

Our management system is designed around the needs of your association. We manage the physical property and association financial matters.

  • Within months, you will see the benefits of having chosen HIGHTOWER Property Management for your financial and property management needs
  • We manage residential properties throughout entire State of Florida
  • Our growth is fueled by our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our clients

We respond to resident calls the same day. We actively manage every element of our properties from repair and maintenance to bill payments and financial statement preparation. We are eager to work with you no matter the size of your association.

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Property Managed


Years of experience



Full service property management or accounting only.

Many condominium, townhome, and homeowners associations require a customized property management solution. We find most prefer a full-service solution customized to meet their needs. We also offer an "Accounting only" option for associations that require less physical property management but recognize the value and necessity of having an accurate, real-time accounting system for their association.

  • Collect and track assessments for each unit owner every month.
  • Deposit monthly assessment payments.
  • Prepare all necessary documentation for any sale or refinances within the property.
  • Pay bills every month.
  • Respond to phone calls and correspondence from other unit-owners.
  • Coordinate repair and maintenance services.
  • Prepare financial statements and bank reconciliations.
  • Coordinate board meetings.
  • Prepare annual budgets.

HIGHTOWER Property Management has custom, affordable, property management solutions designed to fit your needs.



Pay all monthly property expenses (insurance, utilities, janitorial, and more...)


Generate and send invoices detailing assessment charges, late fees, fines and other charges to unit owners


Apply unit-owner payments and maintain real-time balance information (available to unit owners at their request)


Prepare monthly financial reports including financial statements, detailed expense reports and unit owner balance reports


Assist in collection and property related legal matters


Maintain payment records of all property expenses and prepare all necessary tax filings

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Chief Executive Officer

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Office Manager

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Operations Manager

Yohandra Suarez



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